It is amazing how life can lead one to pursue that for which we don't plan. Maybe, for some of us it is part of our humanity that compels us to pursue creative initiatives in our desires to express ourselves. Whether we create music, dance, write, or seek other modes of expression, most of us have a natural inclination to create. Its part of who we are as human beings.

Initially, creating art was not high on my agenda although I have always had an interest in oil painting. What came to mind was an art contest which I participated at a young age and surprisingly won second place. This sparked a renewed interest to pursue a craft that I had, through the years, vowed to revisit. Then I retired from my job. Finding something to do to fill in the day was a struggle in the beginning. But as time went on, the aesthetic side of me returned and my interest in painting was reborn and has not wavered since.

My inspiration to create art comes from a diverse array of life experiences and a need to express those experiences in ways that may stimulate the interests of art connoisseurs. Most influential in the expression of dynamic day-to-day happenings are the aesthetic features of the African American experience, spurring a love for expressions of life and customs in the African American community and the African diaspora. Painting for over 20 years with a intense interest in Black history have facilitated the evolution of my creative perspectives, driving me to expand on those influences which I choose to depict, for the most part, on canvas.

My objective is to create art that is pleasing to the eye, but also thought-provoking and open to discussion. After all, what we see and absorb varies among individuals and is usually open to diverse interpretations. I want to create art that relates, communicates, teaches, inspires and conveys love. I hope you enjoy it!

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